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Fun & Creativity


Art allows children to practice several skills at once including fine motor skills, creativity and self expression.


Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. People of all ages express themselves through music. Even young children bounce, sway and move their hands to music. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression.


It is important that all young children are physically active every day. Daily movement activities help boost balance, motor function, brain function, and stay healthy.


With one-on-one conversation, dramatic play, and engaging stories read aloud, preschool teachers promote children's language and literacy development. Our Jumpstart and Pre K classrooms learn basic Spanish, while the little ones learn basic sign language.


Math is everywhere!

Mathematics play a huge role in a child’s development .Children between the age of one to five are beginning to explore patterns and shapes, compare sizes and count objects. Early childhood education introduces simple mathematical concepts. By introducing children to basic terminology early in childhood, teachers are making the transition to elementary education a little easier.

Outside Play

Outside play gives children opportunities to build large- and small-muscle skills, strength, and stamina. Our classes spend 20-30 minutes outside at least twice a day, weather permitting.

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